Top 5 Montego Bay Sightseeing and Adventure Tours

Although there are a wide variety of great Montego Bay, Jamaica, sightseeing and adventure tours, we decided to narrow down the list to our top 5 favorite Montego Bay sightseeing and adventure tours, so that travelers visiting Montego Bay can get a better idea of what sightseeing and adventure tours they should go on while visiting Montego Bay.

1. Blue Hole Secret Falls Tour 

The Blue Hole (Secret Falls) is a 20-foot cascading waterfall located in the lush rainforest just outside of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. During the Blue Hole Secret Falls Tour you can tube down the river; or jump, dive or swing on a rope off of the falls like Tarzan! And after visiting the Blue Hole you can arrange to go shopping in the town of Ocho Rios or visit the famous Margaritaville.


For more info visit our Blue Hole (Secret Falls) Tour page

2. Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tours

Black River is the capital of the Parish of St. Elizabeth on Jamaica’s South Coast and is located approximately 2 hours (by car) from Montego Bay. The Black River and Pelican Bar Tours is a great off-the-beaten path tour for people looking to discover the hidden natural wonders of Jamaica, such as the Black River, which is full of exotic species, such as the Alligator. The Black River is the largest navigable river in Jamaica, and includes the largest wetland area, i.e. the Black River lower morass.

 black river safari



Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located on a shoal 3/4 miles off of Parottee Bay. At Floyd’s Pelican Bar you can enjoy a seafood lunch, Red Stripe beer or another Jamaican beverage of your choice; as well as go scuba diving and carve your name in the bar. For more info visit our Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tours page

3. Montego Bay Highlight Day Tour

 If you’re looking for a fun and affordable Jamaican travel tour package suitable for all members of your family then the Montego Bay Highlight Day Tour is perfect for you. The Montego Bay Highlight Tour includes the following stops, but can be customized to suit your individual preferences.
1. Usually the first stop on the Highlight Tour is at the historic Sam Sharpe Square, located in the heart of downtown Montego Bay and is named after one of Jamaica’s national heroes, Samuel Sharpe, who led the Jamaican Baptist War Slave Rebellion that began on December 25, 1831. Below is a monument in his honor:



2. Next tourists will be driven around the second city to various cultural local attractions, including the Richmond Hill Inn, which sits 500 feet above the bustling city. The Richmond Hill Inn was an 18th Century plantation house that in the 1790’s was owned by the Dewars’ of Scotch Whisky fame.

3.The next stop on the Montego Bay Highlight Tour is a local Jamaican Jerk spot where you can purchase delicious Jamaican jerk chicken or pork with rice and peas, festival and and other authentic dishes and beverages made from local fruits and vegetables.

4.The fourth stop is a local craft market where you can find and purchase Jamaican craft items and souvenirs such as craft jewelry, mugs, t-shirts and wood carvings. As well as chit-chat with the local craftspeople.

5.  Our final stop on the tour is the world famous Margaritaville, located at Doctor’s Cave Beach just north of downtown Montego Bay, at the end of the Hip Strip. Doctor’s Cave Beach is located in the protected Montego Bay Marine Park and consists of 300 yards of beautiful white sandy beach and transparent turquoise water. At Margaritaville you can relax and enjoy various activities and services (not included), such as swimming and other water activities (i.e. trampolines, slides, etc); as well as food, drinks, and music. And at night Margaritaville transforms into a night club with a great party atmosphere for those who like to go clubbing or out partying with friends.



Margaritaville in Montego Bay At Night.

For more info visit our Montego Bay Highlight Day Tour page

4. Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tour

The Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tour is located approximately 30 minutes by car from Montego Bay, in the private Lethe Estates community along the Great River, and is home to the longest and safest zip lines in the Carribbean (ranging from 250 to 1600 feet long!). The 1600 foot Big Timba zip line is the longest in the Carribbean. For beginners there’s also a 250 foot zip line that is located much closer to the ground. The tour also includes a 250 foot Jungle Bridge and the zip line courses range from 35 minutes to 2.5 hours.


Source: Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours

For more info visit our Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tour page

5. Martha Brae River Rafting Tour

The Martha Brae River Rafting Tour is Jamaica’s #1 rafting attraction, located 20 miles from Montego Bay. The tour starts at the Rafter’s Village, which consists of over 5 acres of manicured lawn with picnic areas, souvenir shops, a swimming pool, a service bar and restrooms. The Martha Brae River Rafting Tour is a three mile, hour long ride along the Martha Brae River on a 30 foot bamboo raft, which is guided by one of 80 professionally trained and experienced raft captains. The river rafting tour ends at Martha’s Rest where there are more gift shops, a bar, restrooms, and a lounge area. You can also swim in the river during the tour, so make sure you bring your bathing suit if you want to swim!


For more info visit our Martha Brae River Rafting Tour page


Hope you have enjoyed our list of our Top 5 Montego Bay sightseeing and adventure tours. Please let us know in the comments section below what some of your favorite Montego Bay sightseeing and adventure tours are? Find out more about the other Montego Bay Tours we offer, visit our website at:



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