Top 3 Reasons to Book with a Small Jamaican Tour Company

Although it may be tempting to book your next Jamaica tour with a larger Jamaican tour company, these companies may not be the best choice for several very important reasons, since they tend to be overbooked and don’t have time to deliver as good of customer service as the smaller Jamaican tour companies, such as Travel Around Jamaica Tours. The following are 3 reasons why you should consider booking with a smaller Jamaican tour company.

1. Custom Jamaica Tours

YS Falls_TAJ Tours

Unlike the larger Jamaican tour companies that usually have a selection of ready-made popular Jamaica tour packages created for you to choose from, smaller Jamaican tour companies tend to be more flexible in the tours that they offer visitors to Jamaica, and will often even allow you to create your own custom Jamaica tour! to suit you and your family’s specific needs and desires. For instance, say you want to go on a more off the beaten path, custom private eco tour in Jamaica, such as our Ocho Rios Highlight Tour, then you will be able to pick and choose which places you want to visit in Ocho Rios, such as the Blue Hole or Dunn’s River Falls; as well as getting a drive through the Fern Gully rain forest. And also stopping at a local Jamaican restaurant or jerk spot for lunch to try out the local cuisine.

2. Better Customer Service 


Since a smaller Jamaica tour company, such as Travel Around Jamaica Tours tend to be  significantly less busy than the larger Jamaica tour companies, they have a lot more time to answer any important tour booking inquiries via email or phone in a timely manner, versus the larger tour companies who might have dozens of tour inquiries they have to respond to via email or phone every day.

3. More Knowledgeable Local Tour Guides


Another one of the key advantages of hiring a local Jamaica tour and airport transportation company, such as Travel Around Jamaica Tours is that like us, they are usually born and raised on the island and thus, are much more knowledgeable about the best Jamaica tours to visit in Jamaica, such as our Dunn’s River Falls Tour in Ocho Rios; the Blue Hole (Secret Falls) Tour in Ocho Rios, or Negril Sunset Tour at Rick’s Cafe in Negril Jamaica. And moreover, know about some of the less known spots to visit in Jamaica, as well as being more knowledgeable about the history and culture of these great Jamaican tourist spots, towns, and historical monuments that other non-native Jamaican tour company guides are less likely to be able to provide.

If you are interested in visiting Jamaica soon, make sure you check out our latest offers on private Montego Bay Tours, Custom Jamaica Tours, and Montego Bay Airport Transfer Services or call 1 (860) 499-0256 (in the U.S.) or if you would prefer to book while you are in Jamaica, call 1 (876) 287-2180.

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