Be One With Nature! on our Jamaica Stress Buster Tours

If you are looking for a more relaxed, low key eco-adventure tour, make sure you check out our following list of some of our favorite Jamaica stress buster tours, where you will not only feel more in tune with nature, but you will also get to experience some of the most incredibly beautiful! hidden natural gems in the land of wood and water.

1. Blue Hole Secret Falls Tour


Blue Hole Secret Falls in Ocho Rios is unique for many reasons. Firstly it is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, which is very rare. Secondly, because it is a hidden 20’ waterfall waiting to be discovered in the rain forest of Ocho Rios. At the Blue Hole you can jump, swim, or dive into the refreshing turquoise pools below or go tubing down the White River. In addition, afterwards shopping in Ocho Rios can be easily be arranged.

For more info, visit our Blue Hole Secret Falls Tour page.

2. Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tour


Black River is the capital of the Parish of St. Elizabeth on Jamaica’s South Coast and is located approximately 2 hours by car from Montego Bay. The Black River and Pelican Bar Tour is a great off-the-beaten path tour for people looking to discover the hidden natural wonders of Jamaica, such as the Black River, which is Jamaica’s largest navigable river and includes the largest wetland area, i.e. the Black River lower morass, which is full of exotic species, such as the Alligator.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located on a shoal 3/4 miles off of Parottee Bay. At Floyd’s Pelican Bar you can enjoy a seafood lunch, Red Stripe beer or another Jamaican beverage of your choice; as well as go scuba diving and carve your name in the bar.

For more info visit our Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tour page.

3. Martha Brae River Rafting Tour


What could be more relaxing than floating down the stunning! Martha Brae River with your partner or family by your side? The tour starts at the Rafter’s Village, which consists of over 5 acres of manicured lawn with picnic areas, souvenir shops, a swimming pool, a service bar and restrooms. The Martha Brae River Rafting Tour is a three mile, hour long ride along the Martha Brae River on a 30 foot bamboo raft, which is guided by one of 80 professionally trained and experienced raft captains. The river rafting tour ends at Martha’s Rest where there are more gift shops, a bar, restrooms, and a lounge area. You can also swim in the river during the tour, so make sure you bring your bathing suit if you want to swim!

For more info visit our Martha Brae River Rafting Tour page.

4. Luminous Lagoon Night Tour


During our Luminous Lagoon Night Tour you will get a once in a lifetime chance to take a guided boat tour into the luminous lagoon at night and swim in the glistening warm luminescent water where you’ll get to see you and your friends and families’ shadows, as well as fish, while having photos taken.

For more info, visit our Luminous Lagoon Night Tour page.

5. Falmouth Safari Village Tour


On our Falmouth Safari Village Tour you will get the opportunity of a lifetime to take a walk on the wild side! and meet up close and personal some of the most incredible rare exotic animal specials, such as an 18-foot Anaconda named “Shakira”, rare crocodiles, as well as tour Jamaica’s largest walk-through aviary, which has a large variety of exotic birds.

Visit our Falmouth Safari Village Tour page to learn more about this incredible Jamaican Safari Tour!

6. Mayfield Falls River Walk


If you are looking for a more laid back Jamaican waterfall tour than Dunn’s River Falls, Mayfield Falls is the perfect! place for you with its largest waterfall being just 3 feet deep and generally calm river currents. Enjoy everything from the rain forest to the countryside in this popular Jamaican eco-adventure tour. Mayfield Falls is composed of 2 waterfalls and 21 pools of clear, clean swimming water that will be pointed out to you by your expert tour guide along the way. Along the Mayfield River there are 52 different fern species, and other native Jamaican flowers, plants, and wildlife, such as birds and butterflies. At the end of the hike, you’ll reach the beautiful falls where you can swim and enjoy the water with your friends and family. There is also a great! café on site where you can enjoy local cuisine. To learn more or book this tour, please email us at or call us at 1-876-276-2180.

About Travel Around Jamaica Tours

Travel Around Jamaica Tours is dedicated to providing fun and affordable Jamaica adventure and sightseeing tours to all tourist destinations in Jamaica, including popular tourist destinations, such as Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, and Falmouth. We guarantee 1st class, round-trip private Montego Bay airport transfers to all hotels and resorts in Jamaica, starting at $54! To learn more, visit

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