Visiting Runaway Bay, Jamaica? Experience These Top 5 Activities!

Runaway Bay was originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 and named Runaway Bay, due to its history of runaway slaves hiding in the Green Grotto Caves from their masters. However, today it is most well known as a popular tourist area with beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and many very unique and stunning natural attractions, such as the Green Grotto Caves, and Dunn’s River Falls. Read on to learn about our Top 5 Activities in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.

1. Green Grotto Caves


The Green Grotto Caves (formerly known as Runaway Bay Caves) are one of Jamaica’s most famous natural attractions, which have been visited by tourists since the 18th Century. Green Grotto Caves are conveniently situated between the resort towns of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, and feature 64 acres of beautiful Jamaican land. The Green Grotto Caves main feature is the large limestone cave, which has numerous rock formations, its stalagmites and stalactites, and overhead ceiling pockets. In addition, there is an underground tunnel that links the caves to the beach in Runaway Bay. The caves have a rich history, which began with the Taino Indians who used the caves for shelter; as well as a hiding place for runaway slaves to hide from their masters, Jamaican rum during WWII by the Jamaican Government, etc. To learn more about the Green Grotto Caves, visit the Green Grotto Caves website.

2. Cardiff Hall Beach.


Cardiff Hall Beach is a secluded sandy white beach located on the Northern coast of Jamaica near Franklyn D. Resort, and within walking distance to the town of Runaway Bay and near other great resorts, such as Hedonism III and Jewel Runaway Bay Beach and Golf Course. Cardiff Hall Beach is also near many beautiful natural attractions, such as Dunn’s River Falls, the Enchanted Gardens, and Coyaba River Garden and Museum. In addition, you can try local Jamaican cuisine at some of the local restaurants, such as Jamaican-style breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Little Pub. If you are looking to eat closer to the ocean you can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Almond Tree Restaurant. Alternatively, if you are looking for Jamaican jerked chicken Ocho Rios Jerk Centre is highly recommended. 

3. Puerto Seco Beach Park.


This park was completely renovated in 2017-2018 by Kingston, Jamaica based Guardsman Hospitality security group, which is owned by Kingston businessman Kenny Benjamin. And re-opened in September of 2018. The park includes the following main features with the price of admission: 

– 150-foot pool

– beach huts with WIFI

– access to beach and water 

In addition, beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent for $5 if all of the space is taken under the beach huts. As well as private cabanas for $150, which come with a 6-pack of beer, fruit plate, juice and water, and private butler.

In terms of watersports the park includes Jamaica’s only floating Wibit inflatable water obstacle course, which costs $10/person. Other watersports activities available at Puerto Seco Beach Park include:

– snorkeling

– glass bottom boat tours

– kayaks

– paddle boards

There is a restaurant on site that serves up burgers, fish, and bar food and a Walkerswood jerk pit grills up chicken and pork.

4. Dolphin Cover Puerto Seco.


Dolphin Cove Puerto Seco opened up to visitors at Puerto Seco Beach Park in March 2019. So far it features four bottle nosed dolphins, which visitors can swim with. To learn more about Dolphin Cove Puerto Seco visit the Dolphin Cove Puerto Seco website.

5. H’Evans Scent Zip Lines.


H’Evans Scent zip lines is located in St. Ann’s Bay in the lush hills of St. Ann Jamaica. H’Evans Scent was founded by Derrick Lee in 2003 and was the first adventure park in Jamaica to feature zip lines and a giant 50-foot swing, which today also includes other great outdoor activities, such as a paintball course. H’Evans Scent includes 4 zip lines, one of them being the longest in Jamaica at 1,200 feet long. Besides being the first adventure park in Jamaica to feature a giant swing and zip lines, H’Evans Scent was also the first to introduce paintball to the island in 2008, which has quickly become Jamaica’s fastest growing sport. Check out the H’Evans Scent website to learn more about their latest tour packages. 

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Calico Jack Pirate Island – Negril Jamaica

Jamaica offers so many unique experiences to the discerning traveler that a single trip to the Island does not give you enough time to experience all that is available to you. One of the newer attractions that you should try not to miss on your next Jamaican trip is the Calico Jack Private Island in Negril. Negril is one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the island, and seven-mile beach in Negril is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Negril is also home to the world-renowned Rick’s Café where one can go to grab their favorite cocktail while relaxing to some soothing Caribbean music and then take a plunge of up to 40 feet from the nearby cliff into the endearing blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The Calico Jack Pirate Island adds another dimension to the Negril experience which makes a trip to this laid back and casual resort town even more special. 


Calico Jack Pirate Island is a rustic bar perched on a private island located just fifteen minutes north of Negril’s Seven Mile Beach. The only way to get to this hidden treasure is to jump on a boat for a fifteen-minute ride. The Calico Jack Pirate Island is still a relatively unknown attraction and has the aura of an exclusive hideaway experience. The Private Island rekindles the Pirate experience, you will meet Jack Rackham (Calico Jack) and his two female crew members Mary Read and Anne Bony all dressed up in their pirate garb which adds some flair to the experience and sets the attraction apart from what you get at a typical sports bar. There is also an endless flow of your favorite cocktails from the bar and some of the best local cuisine – ranging from seafood to jerked chicken and pork; you will enjoy dining while enjoying stunning views of the Negril area and the crystal clear Caribbean Sea.


Calico Jack Pirate Island is surrounded by a protected reef system and also the Half Moon Marine Sanctuary which makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. You should, therefore, take the opportunity to explore the unspoiled marine environment on this island gem by diving and snorkeling to your heart’s content! There will be minimal numbers of people snorkeling or diving at any particular time, so you will be able to enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. There are only a few places in Jamaica that give you such privacy and freedom when diving or snorkeling.


Finally, Calico Jack Pirate Island offers a unique experience in every sense of the word. It is the only bar in Negril that requires you to take a boat to get there, it is the only pirate-themed bar in Negril, and it is one of the most romantic attractions in Jamaica. A visit to the nostalgic Calico Jack Pirate Island will be a memory that will be etched in your mind for a lifetime, and it might be your first of many trips!

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Exploring Jamaica’s South Coast

When people think of places to visit in Jamaica they usually think of Montego Bay or Ocho Rios or Negril, however, if you are looking for some more off the beaten path eco or adventure tours outside of these popular resort areas, check out the following list of our Top 3 Jamaica South Coast Tours:

1. YS Falls Adventure Tour

YS Falls - Rope Swinging

YS Falls is located in YS Estate in a carefully managed ecosystem 50 miles east of Negril and 50 miles south west of Montego Bay in the ‘breadbasket’ parish of St. Elizabeth. YS Estate was originally a sugar cane farm with a factory. YS Estate was also a supplier of logwood for export to Europe. The heart of the logwood tree was used for the purpose of making dye. 

By 1887 the property had changed hands many times and was the official property of the Encumbered Estates Court in London. At the time Great Grand Uncle John Browne of the present owner, Tony Browne, had traveled from London to purchase a property in St. Ann. However upon arrival in London, that property had been sold. John Browne wanting a property with a river running through it bought YS Estate, sight unseen. Simon Browne, youngest son of Tony Browne, opened YS in 1992 to the public, living out his lifelong wish. However, Simon Browne only wanted to admit 25 persons a day, but the popularity of YS Falls exceeded that. So Simon monitored the number of visitors to ensure that the natural beauty of YS was not destroyed by inquisitive feet.

Your tour starts with a ride through Jamaica’s countryside and upon arrival you will be driven by a tractor to the falls. The fall is 120 feet and flows over seven levels. Steps are erected by the side so visitors can view the falls without getting wet. There are seven river pools on property where you can just wade or swim if you do not wish to climb the falls. For more information about this tour please visit our YS Falls Adventure Tour page.

2. Appleton Estate Rum Factory Tour


On our Appleton Estate Tour you will get a chance to experience up close how Jamaica’s legendary Appleton Estate rum has been proudly made since 1749. During this tour you will gain historical knowledge while witnessing rum production at the distillery. After you tour the manufacturing and bottling process, and learn about rum making, you can taste complimentary samples of cane juice, high wine, and all of the flavorful rums they produce. End the day with lunch and unlimited tasting of Appleton’s most famous products. The tour can be scheduled Monday through Saturday. However, the Appleton Estate Rum Factory is closed on Sunday. You can learn more on our Appleton Estate Rum Factory Tour page.

3. Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tour


Black River is the capital of the parish of St. Elizabeth on Jamaica’s south coast and is a very popular haven for ecological tours owing to the vast swamplands and rivers which flow through the area. Discover the beauty of the hidden side of Jamaica by exploring the natural wonders and pristine white sandy beaches. 


Once you reach Black River your tour starts with a 1 1/2 hour motor boat tour, exploring Jamaica’s largest navigable river and through what is Jamaica’s largest wetland area, the Black River lower morass. This educational boat ride includes frequent sightings of wild animals. Learn all about the river’s history and wildlife and watch as your boat captain hand feeds the river’s alligators! If you are a nature lover, this is the perfect trip for you.

Following the boat tour, we will go to Floyd’s Pelican Bar, a local fisherman’s dream to get away with his friends for some relaxation after a hard day of fishing. Floyd’s Pelican bar is located on a shoal three quarters of a mile out at sea, off the shore of Parottee Bay. This is the ultimate spot to hang out with a cold Red Stripe beer or your favorite Jamaican drink, have a seafood lunch, go snorkeling or simply just take in the stunning 360 degree panoramic view. We suggest that visitors bring a sharp object or a dark marker so you can carve your name wherever you find a space on the bar to do so – yes it’s allowed! Enjoy the ride as you pass seaside homes, guesthouses and miles of sun-drenched beachfront along the way. For more information about this tour please visit our Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tour page.


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Top 5 Things to do in Negril Jamaica for Spring Break

 Negril Jamaica, the “Capital of Casual” has come a long way from being just a sleepy small Jamaican fishing village prior to being discovered by American Hippies in the 1960’s. In fact, today Negril is one of the most popular travel destinations in Jamaica besides Montego Bay, and offers a great selection of luxury hotels, resorts, clubs, events, and tours to choose from.

Here’s our Top 5 Things to do in Negril, Jamaica, for Spring Break:

1. Rick’s Café


Rick’s Café is perfect for people of all ages and especially adventurous college students who want to go cliff diving off the 40-foot cliffs, or enjoy local Jamaican cuisine, drinks, and live music at one of the top rated beach bars in the world! Visit our Negril Sunset Day Tour page to learn more.

2. Seven Mile Beach


Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica, offers 7 miles of (clothing optional) sandy white beachfront where you can participate in a great variety of fun activities, such as barefoot bar hoping (since there are no open container laws for drinking alcohol in public places in Negril), snorkeling, parasailing, swimming, or scuba diving.

3. Nightclubs


There are many great open air nightclubs in Negril, such as The Jungle Night Club, which features 2 dancefloors, 7 bars; an outdoor Sports Bar patio with seating for 100, and more! The Jungle is open every Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 P.M. until 4:00 A.M. In addition, a Free Jungle Shuttle Bus is available for transportation back to your hotel, resort, or guesthouse. Other popular night clubs in Negril, include: Risky Business, which is located on Seven Mile Beach and features live music nightly and a great restaurant, bar, and lounge. In addition, there is Jamaica Tamboo, which is perfect for anyone looking to party during the day, since it has an open bar from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and lots of contests and dancing. In addition, Jamaica Tamboo hosts the Saturday night VIP Party Beach Bash, which is one of the largest parties of the week in Negril! Last but not least, Margaritaville Negril turns into one of Jamaica’s hottest nightclubs in the evening with up to 12 bars and great theme nights, such as Mardi Gras Wednesday’s and Friday’s Foam Hook Up Party, that features the only foam pit in Jamaica!

4. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling


If you’re looking for a great adventure tour in Negril there are many excellent scuba diving and snorkeling tour operators in Negril. Contact us to get suggestions for the top snorkeling and scuba diving tours in Negril.

5. Glass Bottom Boat Tours


In addition, there are also many great glass bottom boat tour operators in Negril, which often also offer snorkeling to explore the stunning underwater coral reefs and aquatic species of the Caribbean Ocean.  Contact us to get suggestions for the top glass bottom boat tour operators in Negril.

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Top 5 Falmouth Jamaica Cruise Excursions

Rick's Cafe_Negril_Jamaica_Cliff_Diving

Although Falmouth, Jamaica has a great variety of shops and restaurants near the Falmouth cruise ship terminal that you can visit while docked at port for the day; if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, check out our list of top 5 Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions.

  1. River Tubing and Beach Tour


Travel Around Jamaica Tour’s River Tubing and Beach Tour from Falmouth, Jamaica, includes tubing on the incredibly beautiful Rio Bueno River, lunch at an authentic Jamaican Jerk spot in Runaway Bay and more!

  1. Negril Private Highlights Tour


Our Negril Private Highlights Day Tour from Falmouth is perfect for small or large groups, and can be customized to fit your specific travel tour preferences. Some of the highlights of this tour, include: stops at the 200 year-old cast iron Tryall Water Wheel; an old military barracks, Margaritaville Negril, and the world famous Rick’s Café in Negril.

  1. Falmouth Safari Village Tour


On our Falmouth Safari Village Tour you will get the opportunity of a lifetime to take a walk on the wild side and meet up close and personal some of the most incredible and rare exotic animal species, such as an 18-foot Anaconda named “Shakira”, rare crocodiles, as well as tour Jamaica’s largest walk-through aviary, which has a large variety of exotic birds. Visit our Falmouth Safari Village Tour page to learn more about this incredible Jamaican Safari Tour!

  1. Private Doctors Cave Beach and Snorkeling Tour


On our Private Doctor’s Cave Beach and Snorkeling Tour you can enjoy snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, swimming, and a delicious lunch of authentic Jamaican jerk burgers or other local Jamaican staples if you are vegetarian or prefer something else. If time permits, you can also go shopping at nearby shops for souvenirs.

  1. Private Zipline Adventure Tour


During our Private Zipline Adventure Tour you will be taken to Hevans Scent Ziplines to experience some of the best ziplines in Jamaica, located in Priory about 2000 ft up with a view across the green fields of St. Ann, the garden parish. At Hevan’s Scent Ziplines in Ocho Rios there are 5 ziplines (including the longest in Jamaica!), as well as 5 rides to choose from, providing everyone among your friends or family with something to do, regardless of their ziplining experience or age. Your driver will then take you to Scotchies or another popular jerk stop where you can have lunch and relax with a cold Red Stripe beer or alternative beverage, before heading back to the pier.

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Top 5 Things to do at Seven Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica

When many people think about a dream vacation in the Caribbean, they’re thinking of Jamaica.  Hot sunny weather, beautiful blue beaches, luxurious resorts, and fun and drinks abound. A cruise to this wonderful summer paradise is just what many of us want for our next vacation.

One of the most famous and exciting attractions on the island is Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica. This small town is a beach resort with a population of only about 3,000 people which thrives on tourism drawn by its beautiful beaches.  American hippies discovered this perfect haven about 30 years ago and have been making an attraction out of it ever since.

There are plenty of hotels in Negril, Jamaica, on 7 Mile Beach as well as restaurants, relaxation spots, and care-free beach atmospheres.  Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica, is the perfect destination for anyone who just wants to relax without a worry in the world for a week.

If you’re looking for things to do in Negril Jamaica, you’ve come to the right place.  Travel Around Jamaica Tours has provided a short list of 5 attractions that you won’t want to miss if you visit 7 Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica.

1) Negril Cliffs


Negril Cliffs is a great attraction where you can get out and swim around the gorgeous cliffs that were featured in the James Bond movie “Thunderball”.  You can swim in the caves or travel the premise in a boat.  One of the greatest things about this spot is that it’s a perfect opportunity to get away from the crowds at Seven Mile Beach.

2) Sunset Tour at Rick’s Cafe


Be sure and set aside a day to enjoy the historical sightseeing tour that ends with a sunset, dinner, and cocktails at the famous Rick’s Cafe.  You’ll have the opportunity to tour the local shops, enjoy all seven miles of the white sandy beaches of Negril, and hear all about the town’s heritage and history with a knowledgeable tour guide who joins you along the ride. For more info on our Sunset Day Tour at Rick’s Cafe, check out our Negril Sunset Day Tour page.

3) Snorkeling and Scuba Diving


For a taste of nature and the world under the sea, rent out some snorkeling or scuba diving equipment and dive right in.  The waters of Negril are clear blue and waiting for explorers.  Enjoy the wildlife and the vibrant ocean floors of Seven Mile Beach for an experience like no other.

4) Mayfield River Walk


Enjoy everything from the rainforest to the countryside in this popular nature tour.  Mayfield River is complete with pools of clear, clean swimming water that will be pointed out to you by your expert tour guide along the way.  At the end of the hike, you’ll reach the beautiful falls where you can swim and enjoy the water with your friends and family.

5) Sunset Cruise


Cruise by the shore and enjoy the breathtaking sunset of Negril with this excellent boat tour.  You’ll pass the Negril Cliffs to watch the brave divers, cruise past Rick’s Cafe and stop often along the way for pictures and leisurely moments.

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Top 5 Affordable Jamaica Springbreak Tours

If you are looking for a warm and wonderful unique spring break getaway vacation location, then Jamaica is perfect, since it’s quite affordable, safe, and has endless unique and fun activities to do for everyone. Not too mention the fact that Jamaica is ranked #3 for best affordable Carribbean destinations by Here is a list of the most fun and affordable Jamaica tours for any spring breakers wanting to go somewhere that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

1. Negril Sunset Day Tour (Starting from $30.00/person)


The Negril Sunset Day Tour is one of the most popular tours we offer. And this tour is perfect for small or large groups or those making a day trip from Montego Bay. Negril, the “Capital of Casual” is a favorite destination for families, honeymooners and spring breakers. Negril’s picturesque coast, lined with towering cliffs and bustling beaches, is home to many world-class all-inclusive resorts, as well as nightlife hot spots.

On this tour, experience the beauty and tranquility of uninterrupted white sand beach, savor the sun and throw off all inhibitions. First you will drive along a scenic coastline, enjoy sights such as the Tryall Water Wheel (if coming from Montego Bay), the ruins of an old British Military Base, shops selling coconut water and crafts and also local bars. We then spend a few hours at the Negril Beach – Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville! Here you can participate in an array of water sports activities or just swim, tan and stroll at your leisure. The crystal-clear turquoise water is well protected by numerous reefs and is free of rocks or undertow.

We then make our way to Rick’s Café, driving through a small village called ‘Red Ground” giving you a close-up look at a Negril community, in real Jamaican style. At Rick’s Café enjoy a live reggae band in a party atmosphere as you watch spectacular sunset and daring cliff diving. Lunch and beverages are available at an extra cost.

For more info visit our Negril Sunset Day Tour page.

2. Montego Bay Highlight Day Tour (Starting from $30/person)

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable Jamaican travel tour package suitable for all members of your family, then the Montego Bay Highlight Day Tour is perfect for you. The Montego Bay Highlight Tour includes the following stops, but can be customized to suit your individual preferences.
1. Usually the first stop on the Highlight Tour is at the historic Sam Sharpe Square, located in the heart of downtown Montego Bay and is named after one of Jamaica’s national heroes, Samuel Sharpe, who led the Jamaican Baptist War Slave Rebellion that began on December 25, 1831. Below is a monument in his honor:


2. Next tourists will be driven around the second city to various cultural local attractions, including the Richmond Hill Inn, which sits 500 feet above the bustling city. The Richmond Hill Inn was an 18th century plantation house that in the 1790’s was owned by the Dewars of Scotch Whisky fame.

3.The next stop on the Montego Bay Highlight Tour is a local Jamaican Jerk spot where you can purchase delicious Jamaican jerk chicken or pork with rice and peas, festival and and other authentic dishes and beverages made from local fruits and vegetables.

4.The fourth stop is a local craft market where you can find and purchase Jamaican craft items and souvenirs such as craft jewelry, mugs, t-shirts and wood carvings. As well as chit-chat with the local craftspeople.

5.  Our final stop on the tour is the world famous Margaritaville, located at Doctor’s Cave Beach, just north of downtown Montego Bay, at the end of the Hip Strip. Doctor’s Cave Beach is located in the protected Montego Bay Marine Park and consists of 300 yards of beautiful white sandy beach and transparent turquoise water. At Margaritaville you can relax and enjoy various activities and services (not included), such as swimming and other water activities (i.e. trampolines, slides, etc); as well as food, drinks, and music. And at night Margaritaville transforms into a night club with a great party atmosphere for those who like to go clubbing or out partying with friends.


 For more info visit our Montego Bay Highlight Day Tour page.

3. Dunn’s River Falls Tour (Starting from $34/person)

Dunn's River Falls- Ocho Rios Jamaica

Located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls is a dramatic 600-feet drop of cascading water and one of the national treasures of Jamaica that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Dunn’s River Falls are truly breathtaking cascading waterfalls that offer 600 feet of climbing to its guests. If you are physically able to “climb” the falls it is a must –it’s an incredible cascading falls challenge. The visitors carefully climb up limestone cascades, hand-in-hand like a human daisy chain, guided by competent staff. The professional guides are very knowledgeable and will ensure your comfort and safety at all times.

*Water shoes are required and are available for rent if you do not bring your own.

For more info visit our Dunn’s River Falls Tour page.

4. Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tour (Starting from $38/person)

Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tour

Black River is the capital of the Parish of St. Elizabeth on Jamaica’s South Coast and is located approximately 2 hours (by car) from Montego Bay. The Black River and Pelican Bar Tour is a great off-the-beaten path tour for people looking to discover the hidden natural wonders of Jamaica, such as the Black River, which is full of exotic species, such as the Alligator. The Black River is the largest navigable river in Jamaica, and includes the largest wetland area, i.e. the Black River lower morass.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located on a shoal 3/4 miles off of Parottee Bay. At Floyd’s Pelican Bar you can enjoy a seafood lunch, Red Stripe beer or another Jamaican beverage of your choice; as well as go scuba diving and carve your name in the bar.

Floyd's Pelican Bar

For more info visit our Black River Safari and Pelican Bar Tours page.

 5. Blue Hole (Secret Falls) Tour (Starting from $36/person)


The Blue Hole (Secret Falls) is a 20-foot cascading waterfall located in the lush rain forest just outside of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. During the Blue Hole Secret Falls Tour you can tube down the river; or jump, dive or swing on a rope off of the falls like Tarzan! And after visiting the Blue Hole you can arrange to go shopping in the town of Ocho Rios or visit the famous Margaritaville.

For more info visit our Blue Hole Secret Falls Tour page.

Besides the 5 Jamaica tours listed above what are your favorite tours that you have gone on in Jamaica ?

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